Introduction to the Li Po Memorial Hall

Jiangyou Li Po Memorial Hall is a celebrity museum built to commemorate the great poet of Tang Dynasty - Li Po, located at the bank of Changming River with beautiful scenery in Jiangyou, covers an area of more than one hundred and thirty thousand square meters. It was prepared from 1962, and opened in 1982. It combines collection display, academic research, tourism, reception services in a whole, divided into the Protection Area of Cultural Relics on Display and Li Po Cultural Theme Park. The entire hall is majestic and magnificent, simple and elegant, sheltered by flowers and trees, clear streams surrounding the hall, beautiful scenery makes people reluctant to leave.

The museum has over 4000 cultural relics of the poetry collections of Li Po over all dynasties, and famous calligraphy and painting products of the past dynasties, including the script of Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Yaobang, Soong Chingling and other party and state leaders, Qiu Ying, Zhu Zhishan, Zhang Daqian, Fu Baoshi, Pan Tianshou and other masters’ works, which are the treasure of the country. The artistic landscape architecture, rich collection on display, perfect reception service, makes the Li Po Memorial Hall enjoy a high visibility and reputation at home and abroad. It is a resort for people to retrace the traditional Chinese historical culture, to worship the great Poetic Genius - Li Po. In 2009, it was named by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC as the "National Patriotism Education Demonstration Base".

The construction of display and garden landscape is according to the domestic first-class museum level, in full consideration of the premise of imitating Tang Dynasty architecture in coordination with the modern aesthetic concept, through the artistic technique of expression, the proper use of modern high-tech means, to display Li Po's life, important achievements and the precious collections of Li Po Memorial Hall, making tourists over all age classes, from all knowledge classes to comprehend the essence of Li Po culture. The garden uses Chinese classical literati garden style, combined with Sichuan style garden’s creation technique, Li Po culture connotation, with great care and precision, can be rated as high-quality goods of literati garden model, making the domestic and foreign tourists fully experiencing the Li Po culture’s broad and profound infinite charm.

Collection of cultural relics

Painting and Calligraphy

Li Bai Memorial Museum has a collection of fine works of calligraphy and painting by famous masters of all dynasties. Among them, Li Bai's poems Shu Dao Nan, Qiu Ying's pavilions and pavilions, Shi Tao's albums and pages of mountains and rivers, and a large number of famous masters such as Wang Shouren, Zhang Daqian, Fu Baoshi, Wu Zuoren, Wu Guanzhong, Lu Ruxian and Liu Dan House are rare works of Li Bai's poetry and paintings.

inscriptions on a tablet

The Li Bai Memorial Hall has the national first-class cultural relics of the Song Dynasty, "Mr. Tang Li Zhangming Old House Stele", "Zhunzhong and Daming Temple Abbot Stele" and more than ten inscriptions of the Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties. It has high historical and academic value and provides irreplaceable material evidence for Li Bai's research.

ancient books

Li Bai Memorial Hall has collected various versions of Li Bai's poems and a large number of precious ancient books such as local historical records in various ways since its establishment in the 1960s. Among the collected versions of Li's poems, there are not only various versions circulated since Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, but also the versions of Li's poems in Japan and rare manuscripts of Li's poems found in Li Bai's hometown.

Museum scenery

Museum scenery

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Memorial Hall to Li Bai

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